While Glenda was enjoying an illustration Summer School at Glasgow School of Art, I got the chance to spend some time walking around Glasgow, visiting bookshops and music shops, looking at some of the wonderful architecture in the city centre and generally enjoying a little down time in one of my favourite cities.  (And I’m not generally a big city person – quite the opposite, I generally hate big cities – but I do seem to have rather fallen in love with Glasgow for some reason.  There is something special about it.)

Anyway, one morning, I grabbed the camera and headed off to the Glasgow Necropolis – a towering, quiet city of the dead in the middle of a city that is otherwise vibrantly and wonderfully alive.  Yes, just the thing to cheer you up on a grey morning…!??!!  Seriously though, it is an amazing place, full of the most incredibly ornate tombs and memorials and that unique sense of peace and rest that you find in burial grounds and cemeteries.  The whole area around St Mungo’s Cathedral is well worth visiting if you’re in Glasgow and have some free time.

Just near the Necropolis, you will also find the Tennents Wellpark Brewery.  This proved to be another delightful surprise since, on one side, it is enclosed by a long stretch of brick wall painted with fantastic advertisements and slogans.  Not to mention the huge silos within the plant itself, painted up to look like giant cans of beer.

Ah, Glasgow, what a treat you are!