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Really, Really Heavy Horses

Anyone who has visited Falkirk has probably seen these guys – the Kelpies. For anyone who isn’t already familiar with them, they are two massive metal statues (the largest equine statues in the world) in the form of the necks and heads of two heavy horses,...

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Finding a voice…

If I were to dig out all of the old posts that used to be on this blog, you would find a distinct pattern emerging. It's probably best described as extended periods of silence, punctuated by occasional short bursts of activity.  In fact, it got so bad at one point...

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The Clachanpluck Poems

I still seem to be stuck in poetry mode at the moment, although these little verses came about in a slightly different fashion.  It's all Facebook's fault. Well, actually, that's not quite true, it's all a guy called Phil McMenemy's fault. No, that's not entirely true...

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