About Me

Who am I?  Good question …

As you’ve probably already worked out, my name is Adrian. I was born and brought up in County Durham in north-east England, although nowadays I live out at the far western end of Dumfries and Galloway in south-west Scotland.

I’ve had a rich and varied working life. To spare you all the boring details, the career summary so far includes jobs at two different UK universities (one as a research associate, one as a lecturer); being a software development and support engineer; being a systems designer/architect and hi-tech consultant; being a technical author and editor; and, finally, spending around fifteen years working alongside my wonderful wife running our own art and craft businesses.

Throughout all of that I have also found time for my own creative pursuits. I love music and have played keyboards and sung lead and backing vocals in a couple of bands over the years.  I also play a bit of guitar.  Alongside that, I enjoy photography and all things literary – I’m a voracious reader and also do a little writing of my own. Since moving to Scotland a few years ago, I have had the good fortune to spend a little more time working on the creative side of my life, both as a freelance photographer and author.

However, for the last twenty years or more, I have still felt that I was missing something.  Much as I love music and writing and taking photographs, these things just weren’t pushing the right creative buttons for me.  I now know what the missing link was – metal!  In 2018, we moved into a house that used to belong to the local blacksmith and the old forge is still here – unused for maybe twenty years and in a pretty poor state of repair, but it inspired me to attend a couple of workshops and try my hand at blacksmithing for the first time.  And so, at the ripe old age of 50-something, I’ve finally found out what I want to be when I grow up.  I’m only starting out and it’s going to take time, but that’s OK.  It’ll be worth it.

As for this blog, I originally started it around 2006 or 2007 (I think!) under another name (“Blog, what Blog?”). Like most blogs, it largely consisted of long periods of silence, followed by the occasional flurry of activity when I remembered to post something and also managed to think of something to say.  A few years ago, I renamed it “The Long Road West” and promised that I would be writing more regularly, but I rapidly fell back into my old bad habits and the long silence continued with occasional interruptions once in a blue moon.

So here we are again.  They say the third time is the charm, but this time I’m just going to call this blog what it is – adrianwaterworth.com. It’s just me. My thoughts, my work, my ideas, the things I find interesting, my journey through life, perhaps even a little of my heart and soul.