I’m not easily distrac … ooh, SHINY thing …

The magic intro…

You know, I’m enjoying this little spell of musical stuff here. So much so that I’m going to keep on doing it.

Today, it’s all about the Magic Intro. “Adrian”, I hear you ask, “what’s the magic intro?”

Sorry, what? You didn’t ask that? Oh well, I’m going to tell you anyway.

The magic intro is a term I’ve come up with to describe something that some songs seem to have. It’s those few opening bars (or sometimes even just sounds) that are so distinctive, that you know so well and which cause you to say to yourself “Hell yeah! I love this song!” In fact, for the really good examples, you won’t just say it to yourself, you may even say it out loud to the world, with no regard to who may be listening and whether they think you’re some kind of loony. (Actually, it might just be me who does that, but I digress…)

Songs with magic intros almost certainly vary from person to person (just as musical tastes do) but I have a theory that they may show some threads of commonality based on your formative years and what kind of music was prevalent during your teens. But that’s just my theory and may be a complete sack of giblets.

In any case, I’m planning on spending the next few weeks (maybe longer) wheeling out some of my own, favourite magic intro songs. Just for the sheer pleasure of hearing them and, possibly, reminding you, dear reader, of some gems that you may have temporarily forgotten.

Today, a trio of electronic classics from the late 70s/early 80s. Put on your best futuristic clothes (or, possibly a nice old-fashioned tank top), your pallid makeup and your best deadpan expression for…

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  1. Then there’s always the Outro…reference The Intro and the Outro, Bonzo Dog Doodah Band…

    • Oooh…that might be a rich vein to mine once I’ve got intros out of my system.


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