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Guilty Pleasures…

Continuing the musical theme which has taken hold around here, there is one genre of popular music that I didn’t mention in my post the other day. It has many fans all over the world, but is a uniquely US phenomenon. I am, of course, referring to the occasionally cheesy, often maligned, but nevertheless richly varied and sometimes downright fantastic musical style that is Country and Western.

My dad was a huge country fan, so I guess that being exposed to the likes of Don Williams, Tammy Wynette, Billie Jo Spears and countless others during my formative years was bound to have some effect on me. I don’t really have guilty pleasures (I’m just not the type to get all guilt-ridden over simple harmless enjoyment) but if I had to lay claim to one, Country and Western music is probably it.

So, while I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve and risking a little disparagement from those who feel they may have more sophisticated musical tastes, here’s two or three classics to be going on with…


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  1. I too had parents who were C&W fans, it too got me to be a fan even through to my late teens……. until I diversified…….. eventually finding the influence of classical, then more recently jazz and blues. One thing still though is that a good country and western song will always get the foot a tapping.

    • Afraid to admit I have always been a C&W fan, nothing cheers me up more than lost loves, unfaithful spouses and other sad or vengeful themes

      • I once accidentally sang a country song backwards.

        It was great – got my job back, my house, my truck, my wife. My dog even came back to life…

    • Yes indeed. Although I have chosen a rather old-school assortment with extra cheese in this post – mainly as a tribute to my old Dad who loved these kind of songs. Especially Billie Jo Spears.

      (Oh, except for Jolene which I just love anyway and don’t care who knows it.)

  2. Your pagan-child is also a country music fan. Sadly the genre is alive and well here in Oz!
    I did take great pleasure introducing her to Brad Paisley’s tune “œHoney, I’m still a guy”

    • Hey now, there’s nothing wrong, per se, with a healthy country music scene. My lovely pagan-daughter is obviously just channelling a bit of my spirit there. Jolly good!

  3. Adrian, try Hank Wangford.

    • Ah, dear old Wa…er I mean Hank. Although my old man was probably more the Hank Williams type.


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