I’m not easily distrac … ooh, SHINY thing …

I’m still here…

Oh dear. I do seem to have fallen back into my old bad habits don’t I? Over two months since I last posted anything on here. And I was doing so well.

Or, at least, beginning to do well.

OK, OK, so I had good intentions. Really, I did! Honest!

Of course, we’ve all had many other things to occupy our minds and our time since the end of January. One in particular over the last few weeks as I’m sure you know. I shall be trying to bring things up to date and let you all know what’s been happening (or, as it turns out, not now happening) in these parts very shortly.

However – in the meantime, this is just a quick note to let you know that I am still here. Hope you’re all safe and well and managing to cope in this interesting altered reality that we all find ourselves in. Take care and hang in there everyone!

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