A couple of months ago, I enrolled on an online course to try to prod myself into doing a bit more writing.  It was a fiction writing course that was particularly focussed on character description and development.  Along the way, there were some short exercises (typically only a few hundred words) that were intended to cover a few different areas of character writing.

The course finished a while ago, but I’ve still got my writing exercises lying around here and am thinking about possibly working them up into something longer or incorporating them into a longer story of some kind.  With that in mind, I thought I’d post them up here to see what people think and which one (or ones) seem to be more interesting and which you might like to see developed further.

I’ll be posting them individually in the Words section of the blog, but (like this post) they’ll also be included on the front page as part of the normal flow of things.  Hope you enjoy them.