The Shakespearean purists amongst you will know that the next line should be “That has such people in’t!” and that Miranda is actually commenting on the appearance and bearing of the assorted Italian nobles that Prospero (her father) has just produced for her inspection after causing their ship to be wrecked in The Tempest.  So – strictly speaking – it has little to do with bravery, with new beginnings (well, maybe a little) or with new worlds (as such).  However, it’s such a wonderful and well known line (to the point of being a bit of a cliche, as well as providing the title for one of the twentieth century’s great works of speculative fiction) that I simply had to steal it for this bit of online scribbling.

Followers of Glenda’s and my adventures, whether on Glenda’s blog or on Facebook or wherever, will know that the last year has been a time of many changes.  Last June, we finally fulfilled a long-standing dream to move to the west coast of Scotland – landing in Portpatrick, a beautiful village right out on the Rhins of Galloway, looking over the North Channel of the Irish Sea towards Belfast.  Lots of things fed into that decision – not only the long-standing dream, but also all the stresses and strains that had fallen to our lot over the previous few years. Those who know us know about the time spent looking after my ailing parents in their final years, all while navigating the turbulent economic waters of our present times.  My erratic blogging over those years provided more than enough testament to our occasional troubles, although thankfully interspersed with moments of humour, joy, love and light.  I still have all those old blog posts around here somewhere and will be sorting through them and may well be dusting some of them off and bringing them back out into the light at some point, but right now, it’s time to keep thinking about those new beginnings.

A few weeks ago, we announced that we had sold our art and craft business – Chocolate Baroque – to our general manager, book-keeper, dear friend and all-round good egg Lesley.  Lesley has been involved in the company since day one and has been a huge contributor to its success over the last four or five years.  A safer and better pair of hands to take Chocolate Baroque on through the next stage of its journey I can’t imagine and, although it’s always a little nerve-racking making a big announcement like that, we were delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response to the news.

As for us?  Well, we’re still doggedly following the dreams.  Glenda has been drawn more and more strongly towards her artistic muse for years and wants to concentrate on her painting and printmaking, selling her artwork and also sharing her creative skills in her workshops and classes.  Meanwhile, after my own rich and varied career as a professional geek, nerd and general techno-wiz, I’ve finally decided that it’s high time I started doing the things that I really love, rather than just having a day job.  So I’m going to be writing more, playing (and composing) more music and taking more photographs of wild places and beautiful things.  It’s all a little scary in some ways, but also feels like the right thing to do.  I’m sure there’ll be trials and tribulations along the way and that specific details will need to be tweaked and changed, but the general plan remains.  So let’s raise a glass to new beginnings and allow me to say to you all…

“Hi, I’m Adrian.  I’m an author, musician and photographer.  Pleased to meet you!”