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The Hills

When you're on a roll, you're on a roll.  Yet another poem.  This one isn't dark, it isn't angsty and it isn't an airy-fairy exercise in writing some particular form or other, it's just a poem.  I suppose it might be in ballad form.  Or possibly something else...

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If I had known…

More poetry today - and this one is deliberately a little bit of an arty-farty exercise.  It's also another slightly dark one.  Well, maybe not dark, but a bit angsty and the kind of thing that a simpering 18th or 19th century poet-wannabe might have come up with...

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At the End

When not trying to dream up characters or plots or similar fictional devices (and when not being silly on Facebook or elsewhere) I sometimes try my hand at a bit of poetry.  Although it is often maligned for being "up its own bottom" or "arty-farty" (particularly when...

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