About Me

Who am I?  Good question …

Hi folks – I’m Adrian. I was born and bred in and around a little town in south-west Durham (that’s the original Durham in England, not one of the many others to be found in the USA, Canada or Australia).

I’ve had a pretty rich and varied working life. If you want chapter and verse (and need something to cure your insomnia), you can always just check my profile on LinkedIn.  If you don’t feel up to wading through all of that, the career summary so far includes working at two different UK universities (one as a research associate, one as a lecturer); being a software development and support engineer; being a systems designer/architect and hi-tech consultant; being a technical author and editor; and, finally, spending around fifteen years working alongside my lovely wife running our own art and craft businesses.

Throughout all of that – except for going away to university and one or two occasions that my work did take me away from home for a while – I mainly lived and worked in the same part of the world where I grew up.  Just like a lot of other people I guess, but for many years my wife and I longed to move to the west coast of Scotland somewhere and build a new life there.  We finally got our chance in 2014 and we’re now living the dream.  Part of that dream includes yet another new career for me, this time as a freelance author, musician and photographer. (“Words, music and pictures” you see?  Good, eh?  Oh alright, please yourselves…)

I originally started this blog around 2006 or 2007 (I think!) under another name (“Blog, what Blog?”) but, like most blogs, it largely consisted of long periods of silence, followed by the occasional flurry of activity when I remembered to post something and also managed to think of something to say.  Not that the things I did have to say were particularly earth-shattering – far from it – and I eventually retired the whole thing until I could think of something better to do with it.  I’ve still got all the old posts and may bring the odd one or two out for an airing in the future.

In the meantime though, I’ve come up with a new name for this little corner of the web – it’s “The Long Road West”.  Not that the road from my original home to my new one is particularly long in physical terms (it’s less than 200 miles, which is about the distance to the nearest postbox in somewhere like Australia). But the mental and emotional distance feels huge and I think it’s time to pick up my pen (OK, keyboard) and start writing again.  And this time, I promise that I’m going to try to do it more regularly and make it more interesting.  Well, we can always hope, can’t we?